22nd March, 2018

| Updated Mar 22, 2018 at 9:28am



The Daily Graphic is disappointed at the announcement by the Health and Facilities Regulatory Agency, (HEFRA) that out of the estimated thirty-two thousand health facilities in the country, less than two thousand representing less than seven percent are registered with the regulatory body. It says this is not only strange but also upsetting because it goes to buttress the axiom that as a country, Ghana is good at enacting laws but is found wanting when it comes to implementation and enforcement. The Paper urges the Ministry of Health, the Organisation under whose supervision HEFRA works, to move in immediately and ensure that the agency performs its duties without delay.

The Ghanaian Times says water is key to survival and nature has endowed Ghana with fresh water bodies for maximum use to guarantee survival on the surface of the earth. But regrettably, mankind has not been able to effectively manage these water resources for desired benefit. The international community is devoting this year's (2018) celebration, with the focus, nature for water to raise awareness and galvanize public support for nature-based solutions towards achieving key water management objectives. The paper stresses the need to sustainably manage water resources to guarantee the future survival and that of generations to come.

The Independent Newspaper is of the view that it is not in the national interest for the political party, whose candidate emerges victorious in presidential election to, amass all the benefits of being in power. A majority of ordinary Ghanaians have come to the conclusion that, it is the nation’s educated or urban elites who benefit from every expansion of the national economy. The paper also says if MMDCE'S are elected, the needs of ordinary people, not what benefit those at the center of power in Accra would be taken into account.