15th February, 2017

| Updated Oct 13, 2017 at 6:51pm



The Daily Graphic salutes Western Regional Minister Designate, Dr Kwaku Afriyie for forthrightness in stating that his children help him on his cocoa from during his turn at Tuesday's vetting. The paper says Dr Afriyie put it right when he called for a distinction between offering assistance to parents and being forced to work as labourers. The Graphic urges government and other stakeholders who sign international conventions on behalf of Ghana to do so by taking into consideration cultural and social implication when such treaties threaten Ghana's socio-cultural development.

The Ghanaian Times watched with keen interest the confusion and agitation surrounding the MMDCEs. The paper says it is not surprising that there is intense lobbying in various communities for particular individuals to be appointed. It says what is disturbing is that some of these lobbyists have almost turned their actions into demand that is directed at forcing the hand of the President to grant their wish. The paper says it is also disturbing that the President is not being allowed the space to appoint the MMDCEs to assist him to fulfil his agenda. The Ghanaian Times supports the New Patriotic Party, NPP, that some of the lobbying appears to be blackmail.