14th February, 2017

| Updated Apr 23, 2018 at 5:13am



The Editorial of the Daily Graphic finds it heart-warming that, the campaign designed to encourage people in the urban and rural areas to take up farming as full time and part time job opportunities by April this year, has already been projected to create over seven hundred and fifty thousand jobs for the youth.

The paper prays as part of the campaign, steps will be taken to make agriculture attractive enough for the youth who to want to venture into it.

The Daily Graphic also calls on all to embrace the concept and the campaign not to only rescue the declining agricultural sector but also ensure the creation of jobs.

The Ghanaian Times for its part, describes as welcoming the announcement by President President Akufo-Addo to roll out the free SHS policy next academic year.

This the paper says will undoubtedly take away financial burdens of parents.

The paper says although the policy is commendable, efforts must be made to put up more schools to cater for the teaming students who would want to take advantage of the policy to get enrolled in Senior High Schools.

The Daily heritage says it has become necessary for the government, through the Ghana Standards Authority to halt the huge importation of sub- standard or fake electrical cables into the country.

Some of these fake electrical cables have sub- standard insulation, reduced insulation thickness, reduced diameter of copper conductor, shorter length per coil, fake labels and fake packaging.

The Ghana Electrical Traders Association and Ghana Union of Traders Association ought to up their game and impress upon the GSA to ban the importation of the fake cables.

The paper say the laws must be strictly enforced and perpetrators to be punished to serve as deterrent to others.