9th February, 2017

| Updated Jun 25, 2018 at 3:26am



The Daily Graphic urges the newly sworn-in ministers who received their instruments of office last Tuesday to serve the people with humility, honesty and sincerity. The paper says the President's advice to the ministers is not new, however, these officials who take office soon forget or conveniently set aside the fact that they were put in authority to serve the people and rather they lord it over them. The Daily Graphic is concerned that some ministers become arrogant and speak anyhow to leaders and elders of communities, while others illegally amass wealth. The paper ends by cautioning the ministers to be watchful of their activities.

The Ghanaian Times is appalled by the attitude of traders and trotro drivers at the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange. It says the €74 million project which is undeniably a phenomenal infrastructural architecture meant to ease traffic and improve trade is being marred by indiscipline. The paper wonders when all Ghanaians will endeavour to respect the country's rules and regulations. It says the disturbing spectacle at the interchange is unacceptable since so much money was spent on it. It therefore urges law enforcement agencies to ensure sanity in the area.