3rd February, 2017

| Updated Mar 29, 2017 at 8:00pm



The Daily Graphic congratulates Ghana's career diplomat Ambassador Kwesi Quartey on his election to the high office of deputy Chairperson of the AU commission. His election brings to three, the number of Ghanaians elected to various positions within the AU commission at the just ended AU summit. While commending the government for pushing the appointment of Ghanaians to occupy key international positions without recourse to their political leanings, the Graphic urges government to apply same in appointing people to public office locally. The paper finds it worrying the numerous instances of termination of appointments of people heading public institutions because they are perceived to belong to an opposing political party. The Graphic concludes by stating bluntly that the practice does not augur well for development and is becoming a tragedy of Ghana's democracy.

The Ghanaian Times is excited about the decision of government to harmonize all ID cards in the country. The paper says many Ghanaians have avoided using ID cards because at every transaction, be it at the bank or at the licensing office, for the purposes of National Health Insurance or at the shop, one has to use different cards. But with a harmonised ID card, people can carry it for other identification purposes. The Times says it hopes the harmonised national ID would not compromise individuals right to privacy and lead to its misuse by the security apparatus. The paper believes Ghanaians have welcomed the idea and hope it will be implemented soon to make transactions simple for everyone in the country.