2nd February, 2017

| Updated Jun 24, 2018 at 10:51am



The Daily Graphic poses the question, are we ready for the rains? The Papers says last Tuesday’s rains give indication that the country is not prepared for the season. Appalled at the flooded gutters and littered streets, it is the hope of the Daily Graphic that government will take disaster preparedness a notch higher where the country can have an incidence free raining season. The Graphic recalled the painful experiences of the past particularly the June 3, 2015 twin disaster that claimed more than a hundred and 50 lives adding that it should guide the conscience of those in Authority. The Daily Graphic calls for the retooling of all institutions responsible for humanitarian relief like NADMO and the Ghana National Fire Service.

The Ghanaian Times finds it heartbreaking the death of six children following the collapse of part of a school wall on them. The paper is shocked at the neglect of visible cracks on the dilapidated building by school authorities and the District Assembly leading to the eventual collapse. The Times says it is unfortunate that these little ones have to pay the ultimate price by losing their lives tragically due to the negligence of adults who should be protecting them. The Times says it is unacceptable for the children to have been allowed to perish under such horrendous and painful circumstances. The paper recommends that a thorough investigation is conducted into the accident, so that those found to be responsible are punished. The Times says it sympathizes with the bereaved families and share in their pain and for the departed souls.