31st January, 2017

| Updated Jun 21, 2018 at 4:38am



The Daily Graphic writes on inadequate attempts to check the siting of gas stations across the country as well as its maintenance. It says most of the steps taken are adhoc with no clear regulations resulting for instance in the unfortunate June 3, 2015 incident. It says fresh in the memories of Ghanaians is the explosion at La in Accra last month and expresses concern that the nation is still struggling for a solution to the problem. The paper calls on the authorities to be proactive so as to save lives and property. It stresses the need for more public education and a collaborative approach instead of the conflicting roles amongst the various institutions responsible.

The Ghanaian Times is concerned about the alleged bribery case in parliament. It says so far questions coming from members to the nominees are in depth, exhaustive and probing whilst answers of nominees have been cogent, precise and creditable. The Times says to some extent, it goes to prove the claim of the party in power that they having the men and women is no fluke. The Times therefore urges leaders of the august House to delve deeply into the allegations of bribery and restore the dignity of the country. It adds that parliament must also set up a bipartisan committee to investigate the allegation and share the findings with the public.