30th January, 2017

| Updated Jun 14, 2018 at 3:07pm



The Daily Graphic reminds new Ministers of State to help President Akufo Addo fulfil his 2016 election campaign promises.

The paper says majority of Ghanaians voted for the NPP because of its promise citing the one village one dam, one district, one factory and free SHS.

In light of this, the new ministers should endeavour to make these promises happen.

Again the paper calls on citizens to throw their weight behind the government to bring about the change Ghanaians expect.

It also advised them to stay away from corrupt activities, and urged the ministers to be humble servants of the people to receive massive support from the public.

The Ghanaian Times: also discusses the same subject matter.

The paper expresses confidence in President Akufo Addo's ministers.

The paper is of the view that in an attempt to fulfil the NPP's campaign promises, President Akufo Addo has assembled a formidable team to help achieve his plans for the country.

To the paper, it does not doubt the capabilities and competence of the appointees.

It however reminds the government that the expectation of Ghanaians are very high and many are those who look forward to see the change they voted for.