28th January, 2017

| Updated Mar 29, 2017



The Daily Graphic says workers need respite on taxes. The paper notes that it cannot wait to see government fulfill its promise to ease the taxes of workers as the current tax regime where all their money is taxed including allowances and end of service benefits is literally strangulating them. It urges government to critically assess the current number and rates of taxes slapped on workers' salaries, allowances and benefits and do the necessary adjustments to ease benefits to ease the pressure on the working public. This will also build people's confidence in the ability of the economy to sustain them.

Supreme Court quashes 15-year jail- any lesson is how the Ghanaian Times captions its editorial. The paper says as the Supreme Court last Thursday, acquitted and discharged Eric Asante for wrongful jail term, it is a clear case of miscarriage of justice and exposes the flaws in the Criminal Justice System of the country. According to the Ghanaian Times, while it sympathise with Mr Asante for the injury caused him by the incarceration, it dare to say that there are many more Asantes languishing in jails across the country who are seeking for justice. The paper applauds the tenacity of Mr. Asante to fight the case at the Supreme Court to secure judgement in his favour. Whilst the Times encourages all those who feel cheated by justice delivery system to fight for their right, it wishes to appeal to the investigative bodies to investigate cases properly before preferring charges against accused persons.