26th January, 2017

| Updated Jun 23, 2018 at 9:30pm



The Daily Graphic writes under the heading, “let’s get it right with the vetting". The paper states categorically that the vetting of the nominees is similar to a job interview and so the process must elicit answers from nominees that show that they are indeed qualified for the job. The paper says the nominees are also not supposed to be emotional about questions posed neither are they to adopt a confrontational or arrogant posture before the committee. The Daily Graphic says it is concerned because the notion by a section of the public is that the vetting exercise is a waste of time, resources and needs to be eroded. The paper reminds Ghanaians that there have been occasions that nominees were not passed because they did not meet the requirements, citing Ekwow Spio Garbrah, during the Rawlings' regime and Owuraku Amofa of the Eagle party. The Daily Graphic believes the work of the Appointments Committee to deal with essentials, instead of the repetitive and long winding questions will do the country a lot of good.

The Ghanaian Times is disappointed that the dispute between factions laying claim to the Ga Mantse paramountcy cannot be resolved. The paper says members of the two factions that were reported to have fired gunshots and destroyed property should be pursued and made to face the law. It also calls on the government to take interest in the issue so that innocent lives are not lost and for the rightful heir to take over the throne.