19th December, 2016

| Updated Jun 24, 2018 at 11:14am



The Editorial of the Daily Heritage writes about the need to check the abuse of incumbency.

It says incumbency abuse has plagued Ghana since 1992 when the nation accepted multi-party democracy.

In the view of the Paper, the passage of the Public Funding of Political Parties Bill is the best solution to reduce incumbency abuse and lower the political temperature during elections.

The Ghanaian Times is appealing to Ghanaians to allow the new government to take office and start the implementation of its programs before demanding the fulfillment of its promises.

The paper says it is absolutely premature to demand anything from the government that is yet to assume office and cannot implement any program.

The Ghanaian Times is therefore calling on Ghanaians to be mindful of this limitations and desist from putting undue pressure on the incoming government.

The paper is more than hopeful that once the government takes office and begins the implementation of its programs.

The NPP's promises to Ghanaians will be fulfilled.