16th December, 2016

| Updated Mar 19, 2017 at 7:00am



The Editorial of the Daily Graphic expresses concern about the post election violence being perpetrated by a section of the public.

It urges the police to arrest persons engaged in vandalism, no matter their political party colouration.

The paper believes that the police and the other security agencies have been established by our constitution for a time such as this to restore law and order.

Going forward, the paper thinks that the country cannot have a smooth and peaceful transition, as the joint transition team has pledged to ensure, if the citizenry allow the perpetration of violence to go on.

The Graphic therefore entreats all to assist in ensuring that the attacks end immediately in order not to dent the applause from the global community for a job well done.

The Ghanaian Times

After a successful election and a remarkable victory for the NPP, the Ghanaian Times appeals to the public to give president-elect Nana Akufo Addo the needed room to form his government with people he sees fit.

According to the paper, there has been intensive lobbying behind the scenes for positions by members of the party.

Although the paper believes there is no shortage of competent men and women in the party, it is worried about the pressure being mounted on the president elect for appointment and calls on members of the party to exercise patience to allow Nana Addo to select the right people for the right jobs.