15th December, 2016

| Updated Mar 19, 2017 at 3:00am



The daily graphic Is calling on the transition team to work together in cohesion to ensure a smooth transition.

Though it acknowledges proper and transparent process, the paper thinks pin pointing lapses at this time is not too necessary since the committee has no time on their sides.

The paper is however happy that both sides of the divide are cooperating to ensure success and the involvement of the administrator general in the process is appropriate.

Going forward, the graphic believes that future transition notes should begin early in order to avoid lapses and delays.

The Ghanaian times says the Gambia, which is one of the smallest countries in West Africa has been plunged into a political tension by the refusal of the current President Yahya Jammeh to hand over power to an elected candidate.

According to the paper a few weeks back, President Jammeh had surprised even his worst critics by declaring that he would accept the result of the election and conceded defeat.

It says, many around the world however were confounded but not surprised at the rejection of the polls by Mr. Yahya Jammeh.

The Times says it is equally shocked that Yahya Jammeh had taken such a stand after conceding defeat in an election that many described as free and fair.

The paper adds that, West African leaders are currently in his country to persuade him to respect the will of the country.

The Times says, the Gambian President must bow out with or without pressure.