13th December, 2016

| Updated Mar 18, 2017 at 2:00pm



The daily graphic congratulates President elect Nana Akuffo Addo on his victory in the December 7 election.

In congratulating Nana Addo, the paper reminds him of promises made in his acceptance speech on the night of December 9 when he said as President elect he will not let Ghanaians down and will do all he can to live up to the hopes of Ghanaians.

The paper says Ghana will hold him to his words and all the promises he made during the campaign period.

The Daily Graphic also commends President Mahama for conceding defeat to pave way for the third peaceful transition of power, an action which no doubt has enhanced Ghana's democratic credentials.

The Ghanaian times says it is surprised that after such a successful and peaceful election, some nation wreckers will go on rampage and attack party supporters and also vandalise state property without provocation.

According to the Times the situation is not only shameful, but disgraceful.

The paper says like any peace-loving Ghanaian, it is appalled at what is happening across the country.

The daily heritage also condemns the violent acts in no uncertain terms and urged security agencies to arrest and prosecute the nation wreckers.

According to the Heritage, it appears that the nation was successful in managing events before and during the election, but has more work to do to the post-election issues.