12th December, 2016

| Updated Mar 18, 2017 at 6:00am



THE CATHOLIC STANDARD: commends the Electoral Commission for conducting successful Presidential and Parliamentary elections. It says Ghanaians have once again exhibited their democratic credentials and have proven to the whole world that the country is truly God fearing and peace loving. The Paper therefore reminds every Ghanaian of the need for continued peaceful co-existence, since the nation cannot achieve any meaningful development in an atmosphere of conflicts, violence and indiscipline. The Catholic Standard also expects the President elect, Nana Akufo Addo to see himself no longer as only a leader of a Political Party, but as a President for all and to endeavour to have an all inclusive government for a just, equitable and smooth administration of the country.
THE SPECTATOR: urges supporters of the NPP to celebrate their victory in moderation though Nana Addo`s victory is a well deserved one as this is his third attempt contesting for the presidential position. It also appeals to all the supporters to desist from any act of provocation, name calling or teasing to maintain the peace of the country. The Spectator is calling on all political parties to accept the outcome of the election since only one party can win and govern a country. The paper is therefore thanking electorate for conducting themselves properly to ensure a peaceful election