14th October, 2016

| Updated Mar 10, 2017 at 10:00am



The Daily Graphic shares in the opinion of the Head of the EU Delegation to Ghana William Hanna that a functioning National Commission For Civic Education [NCCE] needs to be adequately resourced to carry out its mandate. It is in this vein that the Graphic calls for an end to years of neglect of the NCCE by government. To the Paper, resourcing the NCCE will effectively deal with issues such as the high incidence of spoilt ballot papers in every election. The paper believes if the NCCE is well resourced and runs efficiently, it will also ensure the active participation of citizens in political debates that are free and issue-based and therefore lead to credible elections.

The Ghanaian Times welcomes the presentation of a Legislative Instrument (LI), to Parliament that seeks to ban smoking in public places. The paper believes passing a law to ban smoking in public places is an important step towards curbing hazards associated with smoking. The Times says with the new LI, the ban on smoking would be vigorously enforced to ensure that all those who smoke indiscriminately in public are stopped. The paper therefore calls on all to support the new LI and once it matures, we also ensure it is properly enforced to make our society smoke-free.