13th October, 2016

| Updated Mar 10, 2017 at 8:00am



The Daily Graphic sympathises with transporters who always come under constant harassment at ECOWAS checkpoints inspite having the ECOWAS brown card insurance which protects them from unnecessary extortions at our borders. The Graphic believes that 41 years is long enough for ECOWAS to have made greater strides in forging closer links among nations in the sub-region to become a strong force to contend with just like EU and other regional blocks. The paper urges leaders in the sub-region to work harder at ensuring free movement of people and goods across the various borders by removing all restrictions. It also calls on sub-regional leaders to ensure that the ECOWAS Brown Card works to the benefit of all who have one.

The Ghanaian Times believes child marriage which still persists in the country should have found a proper place in the political discourse for the week despite all the attention on political actors and the EC. Ghana last Sunday joined the world to mark the International Day of the Girl Child with focus on girl child marriage. The paper says the prevalence of child marriage in the society does not only pose a huge challenge to the development of the girl child but also retards the progress of the country. According to the paper, the number of girls who are forced into early marriage constitutes a significant segment of society that could have contributed in shaping a sustainable country. The Ghanaian Times believes it is important to raise awareness about the right of the girl child and to advocate laws and policies that prohibit and prevent early and forced marriages.